Living in Limericks

poetry and experiences of a multi-cultural family


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A true friend will travel far

To meet in an Irish bar

Crossing the planet,

 I bet that gannet

Would fly all the way to Qatar

Allow me to apologize for the lack of blogs these last few months- we’ve just been having way too much fun.  Backtracking to May, our dear friends Oscar and Laura visited us from Seattle for a long weekend on their way to London. We showed them around Limerick, enjoyed a night out on the town, and took a road trip west to see Lahinch (a chill surfer town), the Cliffs of Moher, and then to Doolin for live trad.  The word of the weekend (besides “brilliant” “grand” “lovely” and “great craic”) was definitely “Sláinte!” as we raised multiple pint glasses to being together in Ireland.  They left us for a stop in Italy, where Oscar proposed to Laura at the Vatican- Congratulations to an awesome couple, Sláinte!


One thought on “Sláinte!

  1. Brilliant poem! Good times in Ireland – thank you for making it such a great trip for us. You guys were the best hosts and so much fun! We will definitely be seeing you in Qatar 😉

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