Living in Limericks

poetry and experiences of a multi-cultural family

Rugby, Soccer and Zumba oh my!…muscles are sore

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Saturday began with a scrum

And ended with lime and rum

Though Munster had lost

We began to defrost

With hopes of a Spring that would come

April was full of events: Joe and I went to a Munster Rugby match with our neighbors, which was followed by an evening of competitive beer pong. I joined some friends for the first National Zumbathon in Dublin, where we danced a Sunday afternoon away with hundreds of other Shakira wanna-be’s.  Joe represented his department in a students vs. staff soccer match at UL.  I finished the Great Limerick Run while passing cows, pubs and castles.

Now with regards to that rugby match, it wasn’t Herman Munster we were cheering for, although he would have made an excellent forward in my opinion, with those broad shoulders.  No, Munster is one of four Provinces in Ireland, and the one that encompasses our Southwest region, including Limerick. We played against Leinster, which is the Eastern Province- the big city team from Dublin. Then there is Ulster (Northern Ireland) and Connaught (Northwest Ireland). These provinces originated from dynastic families, long before the Normans invaded in 1169.  Maybe there was an Irish king named Herman Munster after all, who knows.

This week, we are preparing for some very important visitors-  friends are coming this weekend and Mom and Dad arrive just after that, yahoo!  I have removed all cobwebs and scrubbed the grout between the shower tiles. And Joe has been practicing driving with our friends- down the left lane and through round-abouts. Looks like May and June will be just as eventful. Sláinte! (pronounced “slawn che” -Irish Gaelic for “cheers!”)


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