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Taking my latte for a walk

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Homesickness comes and it goes

Just as the Irish wind blows

Latte’s from Starbucks

Nirvana guitar plucks

And being with my sisters and bros

 One of the first things I noticed while settling into Irish life, other than the large amount of dog poo on sidewalks, was how pedestrians manage to stroll the streets without a Starbucks beverage in hand.  Where I come from, this is a rarity.   In Seattle, new mommies use one hand to push their baby stroller around Greenlake, while the other  holds a latte.  Best friends catch up on gossip while window shopping, using one hand to express emotion and the other, to embrace a mocha. Men and women in business suits seem to grip the espresso in their left hand much tighter than the briefcase in their right, while sprinting through intersections.  Dog walkers hold the leash over here, the carmel macchiato over there.  But in Ireland, not only are leashes uncommon, so are the to-go lattes.

I remember noticing a similar trend when I studied abroad in Florence.  But instead of Starbucks, Italian mommies, best friends, business folk and nuns strolled through cobblestone alley’s, passed by magnificent sculpture fountains- with a gelato cone in hand.  I found it comical to see a businessman all serious-looking in his suit, delicately finishing off a mango-gelato cone.  And quite amusing to pass by a group of nuns, prayer book in one hand, gelato in the other.  I’m sure the weather influences what treat one enjoys while out and about. Ice cream in Seattle would just be a ridiculous option for about 10 out of 12 months of the year.  Coffee suits a rainy climate much better.

So here I am, in the land of “sitting down and enjoying every sip of that cuppa joe (which would actually be tea) before hurrying off to whatever’s next on the agenda.” The last time I took a latte for a walk was in Seattle, before moving here.  I admit it: I don’t miss scurrying around with a beverage that I only half-enjoy.  It’s far more peaceful to sit and chat or read or do absolutely nothing while sipping away.  But I’m feeling a little homesick.  So today, a perfectly cloudy, windy Seattle-ish day, I walked to Delish and ordered a 12 oz latte….for take away.  I took my time walking home, enjoying the smell of the roasted coffee beans and feeling a connection to the familiar routines of a life we left behind in Seattle.  But I also began to miss friends. Family. Greenlake. All of those things that just “go with a latte.”  So by the time I arrived back at our apartment, I decided it would be best to wait until I visit Seattle this summer, to take any future lattes out for a walk.



One thought on “Taking my latte for a walk

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